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Our courses are designed to promote successful intercountry adoptions. Click on each course below to view the Table of Contents for each course.

  • Attachment and Bonding - 1 Credit Hour
  • Behavioral and Mental Disorders - 1 Credit Hour
  • Culture and Identity - 1 Credit Hour
  • Disciplining the Adopted Child - 1.5 Credit Hours
  • Effects of Institutionalization - 1 Credit Hour
  • Effects of Stress in Early Life - 1 Credit Hour
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - 1 Credit Hour
  • History of Adoption in the United States - 2 Credit Hours
  • Malnutrition - 1 Credit Hour
  • Older Child Adoption - 1.5 Credit Hours
  • Openness in Adoption - 2 Credit Hours
  • Prenatal Exposure to Drugs and Maternal Smoking - 1 Credit Hour
  • Sensory Integration Disorder - 1 Credit Hour
  • Special Regional Considerations - 1 Credit Hour
  • Transracial Adoption - 1 Credit Hour
  • Travel and Transition - 1 Credit Hour
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  • For those who prefer to read the course on hardcopy, click on the Page icon Text to download the course as a .pdf document.
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  • Certificate of Completion for coursework completed
    At the end of each course is a quiz online. In order to receive your certificate of completion, you must read each course purchased (either online or hardcopy) and complete the quiz online. Your certificate will be e-mailed within three business days to you and your agency.

    Agency staff - please contact us if you are interested in a demo of the courses.

    Prospective parents - please contact us if your agency is not listed and they referred you to our website.

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