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1965 - The Los Angeles County Bureau of Adoptions launched the first organized program of single parent adoptions in order to locate homes for hard-to-place children with special needs.

1966 - The National Adoption Resource Exchange, later renamed the Adoption Resource Exchange of North America (ARENA), was established as an outgrowth of the Indian Adoption Project. [The Indian Adoption Project lasted from 1958-1967. During an era when matching dominated adoption practice, it placed 396 Native American children from 16 western states with white families in Illinois, Indiana, NY, Massachusetts, Missouri and other states in the East and Midwest.]

1968 - During the third term of Governor Nelson Rockefeller, New York becomes the first state to provide an assistance program for children waiting to be adopted.

1969 - President Nixon created the Office of Child Development in HEW to coordinate and administer Head Start and U.S. Children's Bureau functions.

1970 - Adoptions reached their century-long statistical peak at approximately 175,000 per year. Almost 80 percent of the totals were arranged by agencies.

1971 - Florence Fisher founded the Adoptees Liberty Movement Association "to abolish the existing practice of sealed records" and advocate for "opening of records to any adopted person over eighteen who wants, for any reason, to see them."

1971 - The Adoption Listing Service in Illinois becomes the first agency to use photo listings to promote the adoption of older children.

1972 - National Association of Black Social Workers opposed transracial adoptions; Stanley v. Illinois substantially increased the rights of unwed fathers in adoption by requiring informed consent and proof of parental unfitness prior to termination of parental rights.

1972 - Congress passes the Multi-ethnic Placement Act, which stipulates that any agency receiving federal funds cannot delay or deny the adoption or foster placement of a child based on its race or ethnicity.

1972 - The National Adoption Center is founded to promote the adoption of children throughout the United States, particularly those with special needs.

1973 - Roe v. Wade legalized abortion.

1973 - The Committee for Single Adoptive Parents is founded by Hope Marindin.

1973 - Anna Freud, Joseph Goldstein, and Albert Solnit publish Beyond the Best Interests of the Child. Their book advocates the importance of considering children's needs in the adoption process.

1975 - April: The U.S. military evacuates over 3,300 children from Vietnam in Operation Babylift.


From: The Adoption History Project website www.uoregon.edu/~adoption/index.html Used With Permission.


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