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by Patricia Irwin Johnston, MS


Stop! Don't decide not to take this course because you've already decided that open adoption is not for you or you've chosen intercountry adoption for that very reason.

I've got news for you. That "out" is no guarantee that you aren't going to hear from, or about, a birthfamily. It isn't going to stop "searching" on your child's part either. More and more families are indeed meeting their children's birthfamily members in their countries of origin; more and more young adult adoptees are returning to their countries of origin (often with their adopting parents' support) to try to make contact with birth relatives; and more and more adoptive parents are finding, after their children have been home with them for a while and they are all feeling "entitled," that they wish they knew more, so they are initiating intercountry searches. Funny, how time and experience can change a person's point of view.

You'd better stop now and learn more about openness in adoption, because it may very well be a part of your family's future.


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