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by Patricia Irwin Johnston, MS


While we're talking about what ways parents-to-be use to increase their odds of adopting children faster, I'm going to open an unpopular subject among family-challenged people trying to build a family. This is a subject often met with angry defensiveness by people who have already built their families in exactly the manner I argue against here. Given that for a long time now I've been seen by most advocates of the infertile and many couples themselves as a hero of sorts-one of those outspoken and visible few who can be counted upon to defend and argue the position of infertile people facing a world which doesn't "get it"--it was not easy for me to decide to become so public on an issue of such controversy. While I'm used to having professionals in the fields of infertility and adoption occasionally mad at me when I take them to task in their treatment of their clients, to have family-challenged people-no matter how few-react angrily is more difficult to accept.

But the topic at hand is an important one. And the reality is that, having struggled through the thicket that is challenged family building, I'm far enough into the completely different journey that is parenting that I've come to believe that the best thing I can do as an advocate for you is to be, first and foremost, an advocate for the children you will someday parent.

So, dear reader, be prepared as you read what follows to experience an intellectual "itch" about the subject of artificial twinning that will demand that you "scratch it" by thinking carefully about why it upsets you so much. That kind of deep thinking is what helps us really to understand ourselves and to build our personal convictions. While you read what follows, I urge you to try to do so not with attempted objectivity...objectivity is the opposite of my point here...but instead to listen with subjective compassion for the children you so very much want to parent.

7 "Instant Family? A Case against Artificial Twinning" appeared in articles in Adoptive Families magazine, Pact Press, and Serono Symposia USA's newsletter Insights into Infertility before becoming part of Launching a Baby's Adoption and then this book.


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