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In 1968 answering the problems such as the nutritional deficiency of the disintegration and instability of the family, and the loss of values of the abandoned childhood, the Institute Colombiano Bienestar de Familia (Bienestar of ICBF) was born in order to strengthen the integration and the harmonic development of the family, to protect and guarantee to the children, girls and adolescents their rights. The ICBF is present in each of the departmental capitals, through its regional and sectional. Additionally, it has 200 zonal centers, which are points of service to serve the population of all municipalities. Currently about 10 million Colombians benefit from their services. 2

In Latin America, and Colombia in particular, the orphan boom came in the wake of civil conflict of the late 1970s and 1980s. Adoptions in Colombia have been taking place under the current system since 1979 and the process is extremely stable. The success of this program lies with the cooperation of the Colombian government, the stability and consistency of the program, and the comparatively good health of the children. While Colombia has threats of travel warnings from the US State Department, several hundred adoptions happen each year from this country.

Law 1098/2006, the Code of Infancy and Adolescence defines the Adoption Program in Colombia. It regulates the Adoption Program as a means of re-establishing rights to those girls, boys and adolescents having had a positive ruling regarding their adoptability, their parents consent or an authorization from the family ombudsman. Likewise, the law is clear in stipulating that ICBF and all institutions authorized to process adoption will prefer (in equal conditions) requests presented by Colombians when they fulfill the requirements established in the Code of Infancy and Adolescence. 3

2 Institute Colombiano Bienestar de Familia (Bienestar of ICBF), translated, https://www.icbf.gov.co/icbf/directorio/portel/libreria/php/03.0701.html

3 Orientation guide for adoption in Colombiahttps://www.icbf.gov.co/icbf/directorio/portel/libreria/pdf/Cartillaorientationguideforadoptionincolombiaingles_sep172009.pdf



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