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Special Considerations for Children Adopted from Nepal

Children Living in Children's Homes 20

In Nepal, the first children's home was established over 100 years ago. Until 1990, there were very few children's homes. Today there are over 400 children's homes and there numbers continue to increase. A recent survey conducted by the New ERA study team provided information about 335 children's homes and 8,821 children in Nepal. Some of the findings are summarized below. The complete report can be found here: www.measuredhs.com/pubs/pdf/OD35/NepalStudyOfChildren.pdf.

The majority of the homes tend to be very small with less than 25 children and run by staff size of less than 10. Very few are larger with more than 100 children. In most case, the caretaker to child ratio is one to nine but can be as high as one to 15.

Children's homes have seen a dramatic increase in the number of children in recent years. Most homes have an admission preference for orphans or children from economically destitute families. Less than a third of the homes give priority to conflict affected children. Conflict related reasons include death of one or both parents, displacement from the family due to high insurgency risk and possibility for children being involved in the insurgency activities.

Over 87 percent of the children were displaced from their communities or admitted in the homes due to non-conflict related reasons: poor economic condition of the family ((81%), natural death of the parents (23%) or remarriage of the child's parent (13%). Only nine percent of the children were displaced due to conflict related reasons. These include adverse effect of conflict on the economic condition of the family, displacement of the family due to high insurgency risk and possibility of the children being involved in insurgency activities. Fifty-six percent of the children were either single orphaned (lost one parent) or double orphaned (lost both parents).


20 Study of Children in Children's Homes in Nepal, Volume I: Main text. Kathmandu, Nepal, New ERA, 2005 Jun. [80] p., www.measuredhs.com/pubs/pdf/OD35/NepalStudyOfChildren.pdf


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