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Logistics 5 - continued

U.S. citizens wishing to adopt a child in Nepal must meet both U.S. requirements and the requirements set by the Nepalese Government. Procedures for foreign adoptions in Nepal are unpredictable and the Nepalese Government requirements are not enforced uniformly. The Nepalese Government frequently changes requirements with little notice.

In addition to the U.S. requirements for adoptive parents, Nepal also has the following requirements for adoptive parents:

  • Residency Requirements: There are no residency requirements for adopting in Nepal.
  • Age Requirements: The age difference between prospective parents and the adoptive child must be at least 30 years.
  • Marriage Requirements: The couple must have been married for at least four years prior to filing an adoption application and be "infertile." Single women between the age of 35 and 55 may also adopt. Single men may not adopt.

Nepal has specific requirements that a child must meet in order to be eligible for adoption. You cannot adopt a child in Nepal unless he or she meets these requirements. In addition to these requirements, a child must meet the definition of an orphan under U.S. law for you to bring him or her back to the United States.

Under Nepalese law, single mothers or married mothers who have been left by their husbands must meet stringent requirements regarding the relinquishment of their children for adoption. Fathers have twelve years from the child's birth to claim the child and assert custody rights. Unless a mother identifies the father and he agrees, in writing, to the child's adoption, the child will not be eligible for adoption. This can result in uncertainties as to a whether a child is actually eligible for adoption and may result in further investigations and delays.


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