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LOGISTICS 6 - continued

The Process

  • Adoption Application: To start the Philippine adoption process, prospective adoptive parents or their accredited FAA must contact the Philippine Inter-country Adoption Board (ICAB).
    1. The prospective adoptive parents file an application with the ICAB through a United States adoption agency.
    2. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) should endorse to the ICAB a child who has been previously committed to the Philippine Government.
    3. The Inter-Country Adoption Placement Committee matches the child with a person or couple interested in adopting and refers its proposal to ICAB for approval. If the match is approved, the US adoption agency shall be sent a notice of matching proposal.
    4. The prospective adoptive parents shall notify their adoption agency of his/her decision within 15 days of receipt of the matching proposal. Note: The Philippine Inter-Country Adoption Act prohibits contact between the prospective adoptive parents and child's parents /guardians or custodians.
    5. The ICAB shall issue the Placement Authority within five working days upon receipt of the prospective adoptive parents' acceptance of the matching proposal.
    6. The child appears at the Embassy for his/her immigrant visa interview.
    7. The adoptive parents must escort the child from The Philippines to the United States.
    8. Upon assuming custody of the child, the adoptive parents enter a six-month trial period where the accredited adoption agency in the United States monitors the child's welfare.
    9. After completion of the trial custody period, the adoptive parent should file a petition for adoption before the court in the United States.
    10. The final U.S. adoption decree should be submitted to ICAB within a month after its issuance.
  • Time Frame: Adoption processing depends upon many variables, including the availability of children to be matched with prospective adoptive parents, the number of prospective adoptive parents on the waiting list, and the caseload of social service agencies and the courts.

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