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Tactile System

  1. Does your child pull away from being touched lightly?
  2. Does your child seem to lack the normal awareness of being touched?
  3. Does your child react negatively to the feel of new clothes?
  4. Does your child show an unusual dislike for having his or her hair combed, brushed, or styled?
  5. Does your child prefer to touch rather than be touched?
  6. Does your child seem driven to touch different textures?
  7. Does your child refuse to wear hats, sunglasses, or other accessories?
  8. Does it bother your child to have his or her finger or toe nails cut?
  9. Does your child struggle against being held?
  10. Does your child have a tendency to touch things constantly?
  11. Does your child avoid or dislike playing with gritty things?
  12. Does your child prefer certain textures of clothing or particular fabrics?
  13. Does it bother your child to have his or her face touched or washed?
  14. Does your child resist or dislike wearing short-sleeved shirts or short pants?
  15. Does your child dislike eating messy foods with his or her hands?
  16. Does your child avoid foods of certain textures?
  17. Does your child mind getting his or her hands in finger paint, paste, sand, clay, mud, glue or other messy things?
  18. Does it bother your child to have his or her hair cut?
  19. Does your child overreact to minor injuries?
  20. Does your child have an unusually high tolerance to pain?


From THE HANDBOOK OF INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION MEDICINE by Laurie C. Miller. © 2004 by Oxford University Press, Inc. Used by Permission.


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