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Vestibular System

  1. Does your child seem excessively fearful of movement, as in going up or down stairs or riding swings, teeter totters, slides or other playground equipment?
  2. Does your child demonstrate distress when he or she is moved or riding on moving equipment?
  3. Does your child have good balance?
  4. Does your child balance in activities such as walking on curbs or on uneven ground?
  5. Does your child like fast, spinning carnival rides, such as merry-go-rounds?
  6. When your child shifts his or her body, does he or she fall out of the chair?
  7. Is your child unable to catch him or herself when falling?
  8. Does your child seem to not get dizzy when others usually do?
  9. Does your child seem generally weak?
  10. Does your child spin and whirl his or her body more than other children?
  11. Does your child rock himself when stressed?
  12. Does your child like to be inverted or tipped upside down or enjoy doing activities that involve inversion, such as hanging upside down or doing somersaults?
  13. Was your child fearful of swinging or bouncing as an infant?
  14. Compared with other children the same age, does your child seem to ride longer or harder on certain playground equipment, such as a swing or merry-go-round?
  15. Does your child demonstrate distress when his or her head is in any other position than upright or vertical, such as having the head tilted backward or upside down?


From THE HANDBOOK OF INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION MEDICINE by Laurie C. Miller. © 2004 by Oxford University Press, Inc. Used by Permission.


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